• Magneto Floor Lamp

    In the Magneto floor lamp, the invisible force of a magnet joins the supporting rod to the illuminating body, allowing you to direct it just like a torch, casting the light in the desired direction.

    Measurements: As shown in images

    $1,050.00 inc. GST
  • Magneto Table Lamp

    A table lamp with an elemental and bold look. The invisible force of a magnet joins the supporting rod to the illuminating body, allowing you to direct the light cast by Magneto at leisure, just like a torch.

    Measurements: As shown in images

    $880.00 inc. GST

    Low in stock!

  • Melt – Gold

    $1,100.00$1,700.00 inc. GST
  • Melt – Smoke

    Obsessed with the idea of creating an imperfect, organic and naturalistic lighting object, Melt was created in collaboration with FRONT – a Swedish design collective. Melt is evocative of molten glass, the interior of a melting glacier, or images of deep space.

    A series of distorted spherical lights, half-metallised to create an extraordinary optic effect and cast an ethereal luminosity on their surroundings.

    Measurements: As shown in images

    $1,100.00$1,700.00 inc. GST
  • Milà Chair

    The Milà Outdoor Armchair was designed by Jaime Hayón.

    Turning the humble stackable plastic chair into a work of art, the Milà Outdoor Armchair from Magis is made from air-moulded polypropylene reinforced with fibre glass, it is notable for the almost liquid fluidity of its lines, not only in its overall silhouette but also in the inner curves of its open backrest and arms. Light and portable yet also extremely durable, the Milà Outdoor Armchair is ideal for chic outdoor functions such as society garden parties or open air concerts. Any event where style is as important as practicality would benefit from this armchair.

    Suitable for outdoor use.

    $410.00 inc. GST
  • Mirra 2

    Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body. When you sit, Mirra 2 adapts to you instantly. Shift, and the Butterfly Back and AireWeave 2 suspension seat dynamically support even your slightest movements. Recline, and the reinvented Harmonic™ tilt provides a smooth, balanced feel.

    An athletic attitude and plenty of opportunities for personalization define Mirra 2’s lean, sophisticated design. The emphasis on performance is visible. The Butterfly Back, a hybrid structure that merges a fabric layer with polymer veins, makes the chair more responsive, while bringing visual lightness to any environment.

    Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment
    Adjustable Arms
    Flexfront Adjustable Seat Depth
    Butterfly Suspension Back
    Adjustable Lumber Support
    2.5-inch Standard Hard Floor/Carpet Casters

    Height: 106.7cm, Length: 73.7cm, Width: 63.5cm

    $2,199.00 inc. GST
  • Paso Doble Stacking Chair

    Originally created for Magis in 2009, the Paso Doble Chair showcases the signature flair of award-winning designer Stefano Giovannoni. Drawing on his background in industrial design, Giovannoni combines hard-wearing materials and superior finishes with clean lines and simple form for an instantly stylish chair that is built to last. Incredibly versatile, this chair will hold up well inside or out and makes a fine complement to coordinating pieces from the Paso Doble collection, or a superb contrast to pieces from other ranges.

    The Paso Doble Chair measures 46 x 82 x 56 cm and boasts a stackable design, meaning you can store multiple chairs away discreetly when they're not in use. These chairs are also designed to withstand wear and tear, with a durable aluminium base and polyester powder coating that will prevent corrosion, even when exposed to the elements. Although these chairs lack armrests, the gentle curves of the seat shell provide plenty of lumbar support and high levels of comfort for users of all shapes and sizes.

    $725.00 inc. GST
  • -30%

    Pett Table Lamp – Fuchsia

    Batch-dyed ABS, coated steel and thermoplastic elastomer
    LED retrofit or FLUO 1x12W E14

    $600.00 $419.00 inc. GST

    In stock

  • Piano Little Flare Table

    Little Flare is a versatile table for children which can be personalised as needed: tops of different sizes can be combined and a white top and two with different decorations can be selected. However the feature that makes this piece unique are the hollow and open legs in clear polycarbonate, in which children can put anything – drawings, pencils, games and everything their imagination suggests.

    Material: legs in standard injection-moulded polycarbonate transparent clear. Tops in MDF with white polymeric cover. Patterned tops also available. Pen holders in ABS. Sketch book available with patterns to be completed and coloured. Magis Me Too logo is stamped on each product of our collection vouching for their originality.
    Measurements: Height 55.5cm Width 75cm Length 100cm

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    $970.00 inc. GST
  • Pingy Penguin

    No one can resist the charming Pingy Penguin. This toy features a rounded bottom that allows him to roll, tumble and land upright. This roly-poly movement combined with Pingy's outstretched wings creates a waddling motion that mimics the real thing! Add the endearing Pingy Penguin to the toy box for engaging playtime fun.

    Material: Rotational-Moulded Polyethylene.
    Measurements: Height 70cm Width 40cm Length 67cm
    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    $480.00 inc. GST

    Low in stock!

  • Poppins Umbrella Stand

    “There are many kinds of umbrella stands, but the archetype is designed for traditional long umbrellas with a hooked handle. Our intention was to create a three-dimensional, graphic piece that worked perfectly for both long and compact umbrellas.

    The triangular shape was chosen because it fits well in any position in a room, including corners, and tessellates beautifully. A simple series of holes enables furled or unfurled umbrellas of any size to be popped easily. Poppins feels both serious and playful; the glossy plastic emphasizes its waterproof qualities, while the form reminds us of a game – like the triangle used in billiards or snooker.

    By happy coincidence it is also the perfectshape for wine bottles!”

    Material: Standard injection-moulded glossy ABS.

    $200.00 inc. GST
  • Puppy – Green

    Puppy is one of the most iconic products in the Me Too Magis' collection. Created by Eero Aarnio, master of Scandinavian design culture and innovator on the international scene ever since the sixties, Puppy is a little dog as imagined by the great designer, whose aim was to see through children’s eyes when they draw puppies.

    A head, a body and legs: essential, rounded shapes that come to life in a friendly, playful, durable and colourful object. Made of polyethylene, and produced using rotational moulding, the piece is guaranteed to be both sturdy and lightweight, ready for endless moments of play and fun, both in the house and out of doors. Puppy comes in orange, white, green and “dalmatian”, and in four different sizes, all made to measure for children, their tastes and their spaces.

    Material: Rotational-Moulded Polyethylene.
    Small: Height 34.5cm Width 26cm Length 42.5cm
    Medium: Height 45cm Width 34cm Length 56.5cm
    Large: Height 55.5cm Width 42cm Length 69.5cm
    Xlarge: Height 80.5cm Width 61.5cm Length 102.5cm

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    $130.00$575.00 inc. GST