• Embody Chair

    Full Features
    Adjustable Arms
    2.5-inch Standard Castors, Carpet

    You feel Embody’s Pixelated Support™ the moment you sit down— a sense that you are floating, yet perfectly balanced.
    The seat distributes your weight evenly while supporting your body’s micro-movements.
    The narrow backrest allows you to move freely and naturally as it automatically adjusts to support a full range of seated postures.
    By reducing seated pressure and encouraging freedom of movement, Embody allows blood and oxygen to flow more freely, which helps keep you focused.
    Form doesn’t just follow function with Embody. Function is on full display. The chair’s highly technical structures—such as the spinelike BackFit™,
    with its visible H-flexors—show how it bends to encourage seated movement.
    Embody is purposeful design that creates harmony between your mind and body, and between your body and your work.

    Height: 114.3cm, Lenght: 74.9cm, Width: 73.7cm

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    Glas Piccola Suspension Lamp – Chrome

    Metallized Or Sandblasted Blown Glass,
    Thermoplastic Material And Nickel-plated Steel
    Light Bulbs (Not Included)
    Led Retrofit Or Fluo 1x21w E27

    $1,300.00 $899.00

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  • Greenhouse Extra Large – Natural Ash

    Greenhouse Made from Wood
    With their design of the Greenhouse for Design House Stockholm, the Thai design team Atelier 2+, consisting of Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranon, ignored all rules and created a new, unusual space for nature. The greenhouse brings flora and fauna into the living room. It is a stylish tribute to nature, which allows relaxing gardening inside the home.

    Showcase for Indoor Gardening
    Design House Stockholm’s greenhouse terrarium offers a space to unleash your creativity: regardless of the weather, not only flowers and herbs can be planted, but whole miniature landscapes can be created in the decorative greenhouse.

    The greenhouse by Design House Stockholm is made from solid ash wood and has a covering made of tempered glass. The greenhouse, as well as its matching base are individually available and are suitable exclusively for indoor use.

    Height: 60 cm, Depth: 40 cm, Length: 95 cm


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  • Greenhouse Mini – Dark Grey

    Mini Greenhouse for the Table
    The Greenhouse Mini by Design House Stockholm is the table version of the popular Greenhouse made of wood from the design studio Atelier 2+. It is the space-saving alternative to the big glass box terrarium and serves to grow fresh herbs and the like in the kitchen.

    Glass Box for Indoor Gardening
    The Greenhouse offers enough room for creativity: Regardless of the weather, flowers as well as herbs can be planted, and a whole miniature landscape can be created in the decorative greenhouse.

    The greenhouse is made of solid ash and has a roof made of glass. The greenhouse is only suitable for indoor use.

    Height: 34 cm, Depth: 24 cm, Length: 48 cm


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  • Gregg Table Lamp

    Shaped to recall pebbles smoothed by water, the Gregg table lamps are made of blown glass and they cast a soft, warm glow.
    Available in two sizes.

    In the Be Colour! version, the base also becomes shiny, reflecting the light, and is available in gold or gunmetal, taking on a totally different personality: from a support, it becomes an accent. From a function, it becomes visual action, a sign.

  • Guestbook Home Sweet Home

    The motif ‘Home Sweet Home’ was selected by Vitra in consultation with the Girard family for this high-quality, linen-bound Guestbook from the virtually inexhaustible store of graphic images conceived by Alexander Girard. This motif is perfect for the Guestbook – not only as a graphic design, but also with regard to its theme.

    Measurements: As shown in images


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  • Happy Bird – Big

    Happy Bird is a stylised bird based on cartoon characters. Its rounded form, colourful frame, and solid wooden legs make the perfect structure to allow children to climb on its back in complete safety. Me Too Happy Bird figure is both a toy and unconventional seat.

    Material: Rotational-Moulded Polyethylene.
    Measurements: Height 66.5cm Width 57cm Length 70cm

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Jamaica High Stool

    The Jamaica Stool by Pepe Cortés is already a classic in Spanish design and is one of the best designed stools in all history.
    The seats beauty lies in sculptural ergonomic forms in natural and enduring materials, making it really comfortable and versatile for both home and contract.

    Measurements shown in image.

  • Le Soleil

    The Le Soleil suspension lamp consists of irregular bands that create a charming game of reflected and diffused light, interpreting multiple personalities thanks to the choice of different colours.

    LED retrofit, Fluo
    Non dimmable

    Vernished injection moulded polycarbonate and vernished metal

  • Lightwing Floor Lamp – White

    Lightwing, designed by Jean Marie Massaud for Foscarini, is a floor lamp with indirect and adjustable reflected light. The rod is made of extruded aluminium; the square base in zinc alloy houses the transformer and a laser-cut metal ballast. Both are epoxy powder coated. The light body in pressed aluminium acts as a heat dissipator for the LED board thanks to its inner mesh-like shape. The mobile screen is made of a thin laser-cut aluminium sheet, painted in matt white on the inside and in glossy black or white on the outside.

    It is easily adjustable thanks to a spherical ‘super magnet’ made of ‘rare earth’ housed in iron and thermoplastic material.
    Its transparent cable is fitted with a LED specific dimmer which can be used both to adjust the level of light intensity gradually or as an ON/OFF switch.
    The lamp can be controlled from a wall outlet.

    LED 34W 3000°K 3157 lm CRI 90 92,9 lm/W

    Aluminum, zinc alloy


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  • Lolly Table Lamp

    The desk light that’s in charge

    Lolly is a personal desk light that gives power to the user through its integrated USB type A and type C ports, offering convenient charging for personal devices. Its head can be angled to illuminate areas of focus, and because different tasks have different asks, Lolly has a four-stage dimmer to enable variation in brightness.

  • Low Lounger Swivel – Walnut Natural

    When in 2006, BD Barcelona decided to bet on Jaime Hayon’s talent and successful Showtime Collection, he was still an emerging youngster with an artistic profile not so common at the time. He has refined this over the years. In 2009, after much success with the collection, BD introduced a new piece: Lounger armchair, followed by the Low Lounger. A newer version with a lower backrest, specially thought for the contract market holding Hayon’s unmistakable hallmark.

    Measurements shown in image.


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