• Eames Hang-It-All – Walnut Sphere

    With their Hang-It-All, Charles and Ray Eames elevated the everyday coat rack into something inventive and fun. First crafted with multicolored hooks and a white wire frame, the material and colorway offering has since expanded with fidelity to the sophistication—and sense of play—of the original.

    Warranty: 5 years
    Measurements: As shown in images

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  • Ettore Mule

    It says a lot about Perazza, founder and head of Magis, that he has chosen the mule as emblem of his company. And, obviously, it says a lot about the company, its spirit and character being hard working, tireless.

    While we were working on the BRUT collection of cast-iron furniture, Perazza asked me if I could draw a mule to be made cast in iron for the company´s 40th anniversary. At first I was surprised, thinking that I have probably not drawn an animal since my childhood. I did it, and it was fun. ETTORE turned out a real mule, its legs firmly on the ground, determined and strong. But it is also a beautiful thing, loveable and playful. Just like Magis.

    Material: cast-iron painted in polyester powder.
    Measurements: Height 18cm Width 6.5cm Length 25cm

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  • Poppins Umbrella Stand

    “There are many kinds of umbrella stands, but the archetype is designed for traditional long umbrellas with a hooked handle. Our intention was to create a three-dimensional, graphic piece that worked perfectly for both long and compact umbrellas.

    The triangular shape was chosen because it fits well in any position in a room, including corners, and tessellates beautifully. A simple series of holes enables furled or unfurled umbrellas of any size to be popped easily. Poppins feels both serious and playful; the glossy plastic emphasizes its waterproof qualities, while the form reminds us of a game – like the triangle used in billiards or snooker.

    By happy coincidence it is also the perfectshape for wine bottles!”

    Material: Standard injection-moulded glossy ABS.

    $200.00 inc. GST