• Aeron Chair With Posture Fit SL – Carbon

    Aeron is the perfect marriage of performance and design.

    Our best-selling office chair still defines expectations for ergonomic comfort more than 20 years after its debut.
    Comes in Three Sizes Small, Medium, or Large, Aeron’s got your back.
    12-year warranty
    Frame: Carbon
    Chassis: Satin Carbon
    Base: Dark Carbon
    Casters: Bb
    Armpad: Dark Carbon
    Seat: 23102 8z Pellicle Carbon

    Orders are delivered within 5-7 working days


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  • Aeron Chair With Posture Fit SL – Graphite

    Aeron is the perfect marriage of performance and design.

    Our best-selling office chair still defines expectations for ergonomic comfort more than 20 years after its debut.
    Comes in Three Sizes Small, Medium, or Large, Aeron’s got your back.
    12-Year Warranty
    Frame: Graphite
    Chassis: Graphite
    Base: Graphite
    Casters: BB
    Armpad: Black 23103 8z Pellicle Graphite (8z Pellicle)

    Orders are delivered within 5-7 working days

  • Chair_One

    The stackable Chair One was created in 2003 by the German designer Konstantin Grcic for the Italian manufacturer Magis. Chair One not only looks cool, it is very practical and stackable up to 8 chairs. The seat is made of die-cast aluminium, the surface was treated with fluoridated titanium and polyester lacquer. The legs made of anodized aluminium are polished.

  • COSM Highback Chair with Leaf Arms

    The Chair for You

    Sit in Cosm, and you just might forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support.
    Configuration: Auto-Harmonic Tilt Leaf Arms 2.5-inch Standard Castors, Carpet Measurement: Height: 44.9-51.2″, Depth: 26.7″, Width: 26.7-29.3″

  • Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

    Own a true icon of modern design Like all classics, the chair and ottoman get better with age, in part because of how they are made. From the innovative hardware that fastens the cushions to the shell without marring the appearance of the wood to the fact that each piece continues to be assembled by hand, the combination of craft and manufacturing consistency results in pieces that are genuinely authentic. Warranty: 5 years Measurements: As shown in images


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  • Milà Chair

    The Milà Outdoor Armchair was designed by Jaime Hayón.

    Turning the humble stackable plastic chair into a work of art, the Milà Outdoor Armchair from Magis is made from air-moulded polypropylene reinforced with fibre glass, it is notable for the almost liquid fluidity of its lines, not only in its overall silhouette but also in the inner curves of its open backrest and arms. Light and portable yet also extremely durable, the Milà Outdoor Armchair is ideal for chic outdoor functions such as society garden parties or open air concerts. Any event where style is as important as practicality would benefit from this armchair.

    Suitable for outdoor use.

  • Mirra 2

    Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body. When you sit, Mirra 2 adapts to you instantly. Shift, and the Butterfly Back and AireWeave 2 suspension seat dynamically support even your slightest movements. Recline, and the reinvented Harmonic™ tilt provides a smooth, balanced feel.

    An athletic attitude and plenty of opportunities for personalization define Mirra 2’s lean, sophisticated design. The emphasis on performance is visible. The Butterfly Back, a hybrid structure that merges a fabric layer with polymer veins, makes the chair more responsive, while bringing visual lightness to any environment.

    Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment
    Adjustable Arms
    Flexfront Adjustable Seat Depth
    Butterfly Suspension Back
    Adjustable Lumber Support
    2.5-inch Standard Hard Floor/Carpet Casters

    Height: 106.7cm, Length: 73.7cm, Width: 63.5cm

  • Paso Doble Stacking Chair

    Originally created for Magis in 2009, the Paso Doble Chair showcases the signature flair of award-winning designer Stefano Giovannoni. Drawing on his background in industrial design, Giovannoni combines hard-wearing materials and superior finishes with clean lines and simple form for an instantly stylish chair that is built to last. Incredibly versatile, this chair will hold up well inside or out and makes a fine complement to coordinating pieces from the Paso Doble collection, or a superb contrast to pieces from other ranges.

    The Paso Doble Chair measures 46 x 82 x 56 cm and boasts a stackable design, meaning you can store multiple chairs away discreetly when they're not in use. These chairs are also designed to withstand wear and tear, with a durable aluminium base and polyester powder coating that will prevent corrosion, even when exposed to the elements. Although these chairs lack armrests, the gentle curves of the seat shell provide plenty of lumbar support and high levels of comfort for users of all shapes and sizes.

  • Sail Chair

    Stackable chair in thermo-polymer available in several colors.

    Suitable for outdoor use.

  • Sayl Chair with Lumbar Support

    Inspired by suspension bridges – structures that deliver the most using the least material – Sayl’s 3D Intelligent® back lets you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between support and freedom. The elastomer strands vary in thickness and tension to provide greater support along the spine where you need it most, and less everywhere else, so you are free to move.

    Adjustable Lumbar Support
    Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment
    Height Adjustable Arms
    Adjustable Seat Depth
    2.5-inch Standard Castors, Carpet
    Height: 103.5cm, Length: 62.2cm, Width: 66cm

  • Setu Chair

    Getting comfortable can be a process. With Setu Chairs, that process is instantaneous. The unique Kinematic Spine and innovative Lyris 2 suspension material work together to provide the right balance of flexibility and support from the moment you sit down.   Setu’s Kinematic Spine provides proper resistance to support people of all sizes without adjustment.   Configuration: Height adjustable 2.5-inch hard floor or carpet Castors Alloy Base   Measurement: Total Height 37.125-38.375″ Seat Height 15.5-20″ Width 25.125″ Depth 17.25″

  • Stanley – Black

    Magis Stanley Chair

    Philippe Starck’s team worked three years rethinking the folding director’s chair. New technology and strong, beautiful materials deliver a simple chair that in reality is a complicated geometry supporting a complex set of forces. The result, in glass reinforced polypropylene, with easy-to-maintain fabric or leather for seat and back, is far more than an update, but an answer to Magis’ request for “the best director’s chair in the world.”

    Measurements shown in image


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