Miunn Bar Stool – Walnut Canaletto

Miunn Bar Stool – Walnut Canaletto


The Miunn Bar Stool is not only beautiful, but also comfortable! Thanks to its ergonomically shaped seat it is extremely comfortable – this means there's nothing in the way of a cozy evening. The design of the Miunn Stool is simple and modern, the wooden look in combination with the stainless steel makes it look extremely elegant and wonderfully harmonizes with all other interior furnishing styles.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Wood
Properties: Height-Adjustable
Dimensions: Seat Height: 54cm – 79cm, Total Height: 75cm – 100cm, Width: 40cm, Depth: 43cm

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The foundation for this Italian company from Padua is a family story: The brothers Romano and Dario Marcato founded Lapalma in 1978 with the dream of producing modern furniture built for eternity. This eternity related to the design as well as the durability, i.e. quality, and the manufacturing process of the products, which should be sustainable and friendly for the environment.

This all took place during a time when sustainability was still a foreign concept. Today, after more than 30 years, Lapalma is still true to their company philosophy and puts great value on the use of natural resources from controlled cultivation, like wood, leather, wicker, but also glass or metal. With their clear proportions and rather functional design as well as their high quality Lapalma products are long-lasting living companions, aesthetic and practical in one.

The Finish interior designer and designer Karri Monni was born in Varkaus in 1969. He graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design, Department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design in 1998. In 1997 he practiced furniture design at the studio Simo Haikkilä and from 1998 to 1999 interior design at Interior and Industrial Design Ltd. Sistem.

In 1999 he founded the studio “Interior Architects Monni & Koskivaara”. His most famous projects were the interior design for Aventis Pharma Helsinki Headquarters (2002), the Shopdesign for Soka Incentive Travel and the interior design for the Helsinki Regional Council (2001). The successful chair “Thin”, which is produced by the Italian manufacturer Lapalma, is according to the magazine SCHÖNER WOHNEN one of the first hundred “New classics” of the 21th century.

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